GFDI Facilities Facilities are situated in the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Institute, located on the ground floor of the Keen Building, Suite 018, on FSU's main campus. Its primary function is to support and foster those theoretical, experimental, numerical, and observational studies of natural environmental fluid flows that transcend traditional departmental disciplines. These facilities include an open laboratory for hydrodynamics experiments; computing facilities; a colloquium and reading room; a fully equipped machine shop; and faculty, staff, and student offices.

    Melvin Stern Seminar Room and Library

    Classroom/Seminar Room at GFDI. Also contains books and periodicals for students and associates.


    Computing resources at GFDI


    Facilities for experimental fluid dynamics

    Drifter Lab

    GFDI houses a state-of-the-art laboratory for testing, tweaking, and deploying autonomous ocean drifters.

    Machine Shop

    GFDI houses a fully-equipped machine shop and electronics lab for use by researchers

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