Bylaws of the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Institute Florida State University Revised 2/14/2020


The Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Institute's (GFDI) membership consists of the Director, Faculty Associates, including specialized faculty members whose lines are assigned to GFDI, Research Affiliates, staff, students, and OPS employees. The only members of the Institute with voting privileges on any of the issues in this document are the Faculty Associates, Affiliates, and the specialized faculty whose lines are assigned to GFDI. Faculty Associates are tenure-track or tenured faculty that are associated with GFDI and whose lines are assigned to an academic department. The designation of Research Affiliate is reserved for faculty or scientists associated with GFDI but not employed by FSU.

Faculty and staff members are expected to be familiar with and follow the Florida State University Substantive Change Policy as found on the university web site GFDI adheres to and is consistent with University policies found in the FSU Constitution, BOT-UFF Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Faculty Handbook and annual Promotion and Tenure Letter.

I. Mission, goals and functions Mission. The mission of the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Institute is to promote and stimulate theoretical, numerical, field and laboratory experimental studies of fluid dynamic phenomena in nature. Examples of this include, but are not limited to, studies of earth and planetary systems, atmospheres, oceans, stellar and planetary interiors, rivers and lakes, groundwater, surface processes, fluid dynamics of combustion and natural and prescribed fires, geophysics, astrophysics. The Institute seeks also to apply this knowledge to solve problems important to society.

A. Goals. The goals of the Institute are to:

1. Promote interdisciplinary and inter-institutional collaborations and interactions;

2. Enhance graduate education and research;

3. Stimulate new research directions;

4. Disseminate knowledge of geophysical fluid dynamical phenomena.

B. Functions. The functions of the Institute are to:

1. Facilitate collaborative research groups, as well as informal contacts;

2. Provide research support facilities related to GFDI activities;

3. Administer the GFD graduate program;

4. Provide unique facilities for educational demonstrations in fluid dynamics. Develop and operate ‘hands-on’ geo-fluid dynamics laboratory demonstrations courses for advanced undergraduate and graduate students;

5. Host visitors and workshops, including a colloquium series in geophysical fluid dynamics; short-term and long-term visiting scientists; meetings and short courses on geophysical fluid dynamics;

6. Work with departments to develop new research directions and recruit faculty;

7. Administer research contracts and grants related to GFDI activities.


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