Joint Program in Applied Math and GFD

Joint Applied Math and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

The joint program offers:

  • Truly interdisciplinary expertise
  • Wide-ranging applications including large-scale ocean circulation, landscape evolution and morphology, surface and groundwater flows, and oceanic rogue waves
  • A diverse skill-set including mathematical modeling, numerical simulation, laboratory experiments, and field measurements
  • State-of-the-art experimental facilities.

Associated Faculty:

Nick Moore (Mathematics)
Morphology from erosion and dissolution, groundwater flows and karst landscape evolution, nonlinear water waves and rogue waves.

Xiaoming Wang (Mathematics)
Geophysical fluid dynamics and turbulence, porous media flows, karst landscapes and sink-hole formation

Ziad Musslimani (Mathematics)
Nonlinear waves including surface-internal wave interactions and wave cloaking

Kevin Speer (GFDI)
Large-scale ocean circulation and transport, turbulent mixing, Lagrangian observing system technology, nonlinear surface waves

Ming Ye (Department of Scientific Computing)
Groundwater flow and solute transport in complex geophysical media, including porous, fracture, and karst landscapes.