Research Data

Model output from runs using the Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS) over the Gulf of Mexico from 2010-2014. This work was funded by the National Academy of Sciences through the Gulf Research Program grant award 2000006422. ROMS model runs were performed by Centro de Investigación Científica y Educación Superior de Ensenada (CICESE).


Available variables in the files are:

(a) zonal and meridional velocities from 30 mooring locations in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico and (b) 1-year particle tracks from deployment sites in De Soto Canyon.  Links provided for material. 


For a detailed description of the model runs see:

Maslo, A., Souza, J. M. A. C., Andrade-Canto, Fl, Outerelo, J. R. (2019), Connectivity of deep waters in the Gulf of Mexico, J. Mar. Sys., 203, pp 103267, doi: 10.1016/j.jmarsys.2019.103267.



If model output is used in a publication, please acknowledge National Academy of Sciences, Gulf Research Program grant award 2000006422 and cite Maslo et al. (2019).

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