Postdoctoral Researchers

Yana Bebieva

  • My primary research focuses on the dynamics and thermodynamics of the polar oceans. In particular, I use a combination of theoretical modeling and data analysis (ocean observations) to examine the processes responsible for ocean heat transport. The polar regions particularly interest me because of their great scientific importance for studying climate.


Cathrine Hancock

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  • My research area spans from the Gulf of Mexico, to the Weddell Sea, with a particular focus on observational data and experimental data. Observational data encompasses both Lagrangian drifter data and moored data, from the Southern Ocean, Weddell Sea and northeastern Gulf of Mexico. Laboratory experiments span fluid dynamics of underground caves, the collapse of the Bering Strait during the Holocene, the effect of wind on floating debris, solitons, and buoyant plumes. Most of my laboratory experiments are done in partnership with undergraduate and graduate students from different departments within FSU (Mathematics, Engineering, Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science), as well as from other universities.

    Though I thoroughly enjoy doing research, I have a growing interest in exposing students to fluid dynamic phenomenon and the art of doing research. I am currently exploring different avenues of achieving these goals. One such avenue is an Environmental Fluid Dynamics Lab, which teaches specific topics within geophysical fluid dynamics through the use of laboratory experiments. Currently, I am creating this lab for undergraduate students, but I envision modifying lessons to target high school students as well. Another avenue, is a summer camp program targeting high school students, where students will learn about climate through the use of a climate model. I also enjoy participating in Open Houses and am designing several laboratory demonstrations to be used by GFDI visitors and Open House participants to investigate waves, ground water flow and river flow.

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