Kevin Speer


  • Phone: 644-5594
  • Kevin has been the director of GFDI since 2011 and has been an active associate for his entire time at FSU. Kevin is a sea-going oceanographer whose research ranges from the global ocean circulation to the dynamics of hydrothermal plumes.


Tom Greenhalgh


  • My research interest is Florida’s karst hydrogeology focusing on water quality/quantity and flow dynamics in the Floridan aquifer system.  Springs have been a lifelong interest and restoration of these resources are paramount to Florida’s ecology and it economy.  At GFDI, I hope to mentor and fund students to increase our collective knowledge of the Floridan aquifer system through collaborations within and outside of FSU.

Donna Samaan 

Office Administrator

  • 644-5595
  • Donna manages the office.  She is also responsible for contract and grants management as well as assists the Director and Affiliates with proposal development and submission.
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