Recent Alumni

    Name Degree Major Professor Dissertation Title Placement
    Nam-Young Kang Ph.D./2014 Dr. James Elsner Global Warming and Tropical Cyclone in the Western North Pacific Deputy director,National Typhoon Center / Korea Meteorological Administration,Soel, Korea
    Jesse Canfield Ph.D./2014 Dr. Doron Nof Wild Fire Dynamics: Understanding Some Behavior Trends Postdoctoral Researcher, Computational Earth Sciences (EES-16)Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM
    Michael Santema Ph.D./2013 Dr. Markus Huettel Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Dissolved Oxygen in the Shallow Shelf in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico SAS Programmer, Greater Los Angeles Area, Los Angeles, CA
    Aaron Paget Ph.D./2013 Dr. Mark Bourassa Important contributing Factors for Estimating the Active and Total Whitecap Coverage Globally Using Satellite-Derived Parameters Postdoctoral Researcher, Microwave Earth Remote Sensing Laboratory, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, USA
    Jeremy Sauer Ph.D./2013 Dr. Doron Nof Towards Improved Capability and Confidence in Coupled Atmospheric and Wildland Fire Forecasting Postdoctoral Researcher, Computational Earth Sciences Group (EES-16) at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM
    Jun Dong Ph.D./2012 Dr. Kevin Speer Water Mass Exchange between the Weddell Gyre and the Antarctic Circumpolar Current Research Associate, CICS-Maryland, Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center, University of Maryland, College Park, MD
    Giuseppe Colantuono Ph.D./2009 Dr. William Dewar Effect of Stratification and Background Flow on the Frequency of Rossby Basin Modes in Presence of Bottom Topography School of Chemical and Process Engineering at the University of Leeds, UK
    Jeremiah Brown Ph.D./2009 Dr. Carol Anne Clayson Wavelets-Based Analysis of Variability in the Air-Sea Fluxes  Owner, Principal Scientific Group, LLC, Indianapolis, IN

    Students Supported 

    Name Degree Major Professor Dissertation Title Placement
    Chin Ying Chien M.S../2009 Dr. Kevin Speer Comparison of Wind Speed and Wind Stress in the Southern Ocean  
    Yang Jiao M.S../2013 Dr. William Dewar The Energetics of Centrifugal Instability Associate Researcher, National Marine Environment Forecasting Center (NMEFC), No. 8, Dahuisi Rd, Haidian Dist, Beijing, China, 100081
    Jason Brent Roberts Ph.D./2011 Dr. Carol Anne Clayson Evaluation of Surface Heat Flux Uncertainties and their Impacts on the Study of Ocean Mixed Layer Temperature Variability NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, National Space Science and Technology Center, Huntsville, AL
    Eric Mortenson M.S./2013 Dr. Kevin Speer Physical Description and Analysis of the Variability of Salinity and Oxygen Apalachicola Bay Ph.D. Student, School of Earth and Ocean Sciences
     University of Victoria
    Bob Wright Centre  
    3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
     Victoria, BC
     V8P 5C2

    Past Students

    Name Major and Status Dissertation Title Advisor
    Yang Jiao Fall 2013: M.S. Physical Oceanography "The Energetics of Centrifugal Instability" Dr. William Dewar
    Jeremiah Brown Summer 2009: Ph.D. GFD "Wavelets-based analysis of variability in the air-sea fluxes"PDF Dr. Carol Anne Clayson
    Mark R. Jordan Summer 2008: Ph.D. Meteorology "Development of a New Storm Surge Index for Global Prediction of Tropical Cyclone Generated Storm Surge" Dr. Carol Anne Clayson
    Marshal Ward Spring 2008: Ph.D., GFD "PV-Induced Forcing of Gravity Wavesin a Shallow Water Model" P. Cunningham, L. St. Laurent
    Alexandre Macedo Fernandes Fall 2006: Ph.D., Oceanography "Salt Finger Fluxes in a Laminar Shear Flow" Dr. Ruby Krishnamurti
    Volodymyr Zharkov Fall 2007: Ph.D., GFD "Retroflextion from Slanted Coastline-modeling Rings Injection into the South Atlantic During Glacials/Interglacials" Dr. Doron Nof
    Christopher Werner Fall 2007: Ph.D., GFD "Double-diffusive Fingering in Porous Media" Dr. Ruby Krishnamurti
    David Mozzoni Fall 2007: Ph.D., Physics "The Changing Geomagnetic Field from the Ionosphere to the Core-Mantle Boundary" Dr. Joeseph Cain
    Jorge E. Lopez Summer 2006: M.S. Oceanography "Characterization of Preconditioning for Ocean Deep Convection in the Sea of Japan" Dr. Carol Anne Clayson
    Luis Bejarano-Avedano Summer 2006: Ph.D., GFD "Coexistence of Leading Equatorial Coupled Modes for ENSO" Dr. Fei-Fei Jin
    Derrick Weitlich Spring 2005: M.S., Meteorology "Seasonal and interannual variability of tropical diurnal warming of sea surface temperatures" Dr. Carol Anne Clayson
    Guangquan Li Fall 2004: Ph.D., GFD "Laboratory Simulation of Solute Transport and Retention in a Karst Aquifer" Dr. D. E. Loper
    Wenzhong Cao 2001: M.S., Computer Science     Dr. Riccardi
    Christian Homescu 2002: Ph.D., Mathematics     Dr. I. M. Navon
    Alessandro Stocchino 2002: Ph.D., GFD., Jointy with University of Genoa, Italy "Double Diffusive Convection: experimental investigations" Dr.Ruby Krishnamurti
    Jichum Li Summer 1998: Ph.D., Mathematics "Finite Element Applications and Analysis for Singularly Perturbed Problems in Shallow Water equations" Dr. I. M. Navon
    Young-Heon Jo Fall 1999: M.S. Oceanography "Experimental Test of the Linear Stability Analysis for the Salt Fingers" Dr. Ruby Krishnamurti
    Gregory Gahrs Fall 1998: M.S. Meteorology "Sensitivity of Tropical Cyclone Genesis Using Three Different Cumulus Connection Parameterizations" Dr. R. L. Pfeffer
    Yanqui Zhu Spring 1998: Ph.D., GFD "4-D Variational Data Assimilation and Parameter Estimation Using the FSU Global Spectral Model and its Full-Physics Adjoint" Dr. I. M. Navon
    Nihat Cubucku Spring 1997: M.S. Meteorology "A study of Tropical Cyclone Ocean Interaction with Realistic Topography" Dr. R. L. Pfeffer
    Qiang Zhao Summer 2000: Ph.D., GFDI "4-Dimensional Variational Data Assimilation Study for Tropical Cyclone Development in Early Stages" Dr. R. L. Pfeffer
    Gang-Peng Zhang Fall 1995: Ph.D., GFDI "A Numerical Model of Sal*censored*er Intrusion in the Southeast Coast of Florida" Dr. R. L. Pfeffer
    Young-Kyun Yang Summer 1995: Ph.D. Mathematics "An Analysis of Mush-Chimney Structure" Dr. D. Loper
    Zhengxian Wu Fall 1996: M.S. MeteorologySpring 1998: M.S. Computer Science     Dr. R. L. Pfeffer
    Ram Kumar Venkataraman Fall 1995: M.S. Oceanography "A Mechanism for Ocean Mixed Layer Reopening: A Laboratory Model" Dr. Ruby Krishnamurti
    Hisayoshi Shimizu Spring 1996: Ph.D. GFD "A Study of Small Scale Helicity and Alpha Effect in the Earth's Core" Dr. D. Loper
    Young-Kyun Yang Summer 2995: Ph.D., Mathematics "An Analysis of Mush-Chimney Structure" Dr. D. Loper
    Zhengxian Wu Fall 1996: M.S. Meteorology (by examination)Spring 1998: M.S. Computer Science (by examination)     Dr. R.L. Pfeffer
    Ram Kumar Venkataraman Fall 1995: M.S. Oceanography "A Mechanism for Ocean Mixed Layer Reopening: A Laboratory Model" Dr. Ruby Krishnamurti
    Hisayoshi Shimizu Spring 1996: Ph.D., GFD "A Study of Small Scale Helicity and Alpha Effect in the Earth's Core" Dr. D. Loper
    Chung-Lin Shie Fall 1995: Ph.D. Meteorology "A Numerical Study of the Influence of Two-Wave Bottom Topography on Baroclinic and Barotropic Annulus Flows" Dr. R. L. Pfeffer
    Kezhi Ruan Fall 1994: Ph.D. Mathematics "On the Motion of a Rigid Cylinder Parallel to Its Axis in a Rotating Electrically Conducting Fluid" Dr. D. Loper
    Manuel Pondeca Summer 1996: M.S. Meteorology "Model Studies of Blocking Predictability Using the Adjoint Sensitivity Formalism" Dr. A. I. Barcilon
    Qi Mao Spring 1994: Ph. D., GFD "Numerical Simulation of Tropical Cyclones in a Coupled Atmosphere- Ocean Model with Nonuniform Mixed Layer Depth" Dr. R. L. Pfeffer
    Bin Li Summer 1996: Ph. D., GFD "On the Timing of Warm and Cold El Nino - Southern Oscillation Events" Dr. A. J. Clarke
    Shangzuo Gao Summer 1996: Ph. D. Mathematics "Algorithms for determination of embedding dimensions for nonlinear analysis of chaotic time series and a study a fractal dimensions and predictabilities of weather attractors over the Eastern United States" Dr. J. Magnan
    Wen Ding Summer 1995: Ph. D., GFD "Storm Track in a Stratified Rotating Fluid with Topography" Dr. R. L. Pfeffer
    Yehui Chang Spring 1994: Ph. D. Mathematics "Use of Empirical Orthogonal Functions as Basis Functions in Numerical Weather Prediction" Dr. A. I. Barcilon
    Yi-Hong Cai Summer 1994: Ph. D. Mathematics "Domain Decomposition Algorithm and Parallel Computational Technique for Numerical Solutions of PDEs with Applications to the Finite Element Shallow Water Modeling" Dr. I. M. Navon
    Sergy Borisov Summer 1996: Ph. D. Oceanography "Abyssal Cross-Equatorial Flows" Dr. Doron Nof
    David Bachiochi Spring 1995: M.S. Meteorology "The Effects of Topographic Structure on the Low-Frequency Modes in a Quasi-Geostrophic Two-Layer Model, Using Complex Empirical Orthogonal Functions" Dr. A. I. Barcilon
    Scott Applequist 1993: M.S. (by examination)Spring 1998: Ph.D. Meteorlogy "Nonlinear Modal Output Statistics for Probabilistic Precipitation Forecasting" (Spring 1998) Dr. R. L. Pfeffer
    Jean Bidlot Summer 1993: Ph.D. GFD "Maintenance of continental boundary layer shear through counter gradient vorticity flux in a barotropic model" Dr. M. Sterm
    Zheng Liu 1992: M.S. Meteorology The effect of transient eddies on time-mean flow in the atmosphere" Dr. R. L. Pfeffer
    Brian Kelly 1992: Ph.D. GFD "On the generation and the dispersion of Yanai wave with a spectral Chebyshev-Collocation reduced-gravity ocean model" Dr. J. J. O'Brien
    P. Jayakumar Fall 1992: Ph.D. Mathematics "On the characterization of turbulent thermal convection as spatio-temporal chaos" Dr. J. Magnan
    David Couliette 1992: Ph.D. Mathematics "Initiation and development of creeping thermal plumes" Dr. D. E. Loper
    Huijun Yang 1991: Ph.D. GFD "Hele Shaw convection with imposed shear flows" Dr. Ruby Krishnamurti
    Xiong-Shan Chen 1991: M.S. Meteorology "The aliased and the de-aliased spectral models of the shallow water equations" Dr. R. L. Pfeffer